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We do not offer licensing for patterns by Delightful Daisy Designs or other manufacturers that we do not design and draft ourselves. Below you will find information on licensing that we offer for patterns by The King's Daughters only. For all other patterns we offer from other designers, you will have to contact that specific designer for their licensing policies.

Copyright & Licensing Information

for patterns by The King's Daughters

Thank you for your interest in sewing our patterns for others.
With so little available in today’s stores there are many seeking for modest clothing with the quality that comes with home-sewn garments.
Our patterns are copyrighted and are licensed for your personal home sewing purposes only.
However, if you would like to sew from our patterns for others there are a few options available.

The first option is for those of you who sew for others out of your homes as more of a ministry. You do not have a website or catalog/brochure offering your services, you simply sew for your friends and neighbors as a way to serve others. You may charge for the materials involved to make the garments but you may not charge for your time. If this is what you would like to do there is no licensing fee involved, we encourage this type of ministry and you are welcome to use our patterns as much as you like. We trust in the honesty of the seamstress that they are in fact sewing not-for-profit.

The second option is for those of you who sew for others either as a ministry or as a home business for profit. You may have a website or catalog/brochure offering your service of sewing but not our particular styles as such, and your customers may purchase the desired pattern from us (or another pattern company) and then send it on to you to sew, along with the other things necessary for you to do their sewing – fabric, notions, etc. Since your customers would be purchasing their pattern directly from us, you would not need to pay a licensing fee.

The third option is for those of you who sew for others either as a ministry or as a home business for profit. If you have a website or catalog/brochure offering the clothing you sew from our patterns, even if you are doing this as a ministry and not for profit, you would still fall under this category. This option is designed for those of you who wish to sew our patterns without having your customers purchase our patterns directly from us. For this option you would need to have our commercial seamstress license and follow the license agreement. If you are interested in this just let us know and we would be happy to send you a copy of our requirements.

Simply modifying a pattern from The King’s Daughters in any way does not release it from it’s copyright.

An original sewing pattern must start with a blank piece of paper and no other company’s pattern involved in any way for it to be original.
A sewn garment is simply a three-dimensional copy of a pattern and is not released from it’s copyright.

If you have any questions about anything or if something is still unclear to you, please ask about it – we will be glad to answer any questions.

**Licensing information subject to change without notice.